Thai Yoga Massage

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Thai Yoga Massage practise is made up of a combination of acupressure, mobilisation and stretching. The only requirement of the receiver of the massage is to relax, breathe and enjoy.
Another element of Thai Massage is the yogic principle of mindfulness and ‘’Metta’’ the principle of ‘loving kindness.

prices – Thai Massage

1 hour: 65 €
1,5 hours: 95 €
2 hours: 120 €


singing bowl massage

Singing bowl massages create a deep sense of relaxation, release blockages in the body and spirit and can bring you back into balance; natural self-healing powers of the body are activated, stress decreases, the muscles in the body can relax, the spirit finds peace, openness and clarity.

During the massage different singing bowls will be placed on various parts and organs of the body, the bowls are then played -depending on their size and frequency- to resonate and heal.


singing bowl massage

1 hour: 70 €

singing bowl massage for two

1 hour: 45 € p.P.



The appointment includes a short interview at the beginning of the massage in order to tailor the therapy exactly to your needs and some time after the massage to rest and allow some time to sustainably


The treatments takes place  in my artist studio in Kiefholzstrasse in Alt Treptow ( close to Neukölln/ Kreuzberg)

Lützener Straße 19
04177 Leipzig



Loving heart,

In you want to treat yourself with sth good on a regular basis, and the effect of the Thai Massage should have a more lasting effect I would like to offer you a discount:

4 x 60 minutes Thai Yoga Massage for 220 € (normal 260 €)
4 x 90 minutesThai Yoga Massage for 330 € (normal 380 €)

Time for youself!
You can also get a gift voucher to send it to someone special.

The appointment includes a short introduction talk, to tailor the treatment to your personal needs, as well as some time to rest afterwards, so that the effect can develop sustainably.