Spiral Journey into your colors – 26. bis 28. August 2022

Workshop auf dem Yoga and Arts Festival


Samira, Mara and Terron invite you to a colorful journey through your body’s energy centers in an artistic approach.

Immerse yourself in a creative process of getting to know your chakras with colors, lines, shapes — painted on paper. Materials are provided to help you to find your expressions.

We activate creative sources that lie dormant in all of us. You don’t need any artistic training or prior knowledge, just come with openness and curiosity for a new experience.

Fine tuned frequencies by sound artist and Dj Terron Darby will also guide us in this creative process. From the deepest and slowest vibrating chakras to the highest and fastest vibration.

At the end there will be drawings point out our journey across 7 energetic islands of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Indigo, Violet White.